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Message Testing and Development


- Custom Capabilities
- Strategic Planning
- Audience Development
- Mail and Web-Based
- Message Development
- Shared-Cost Surveys
- Rocky Mountain Poll

- Latino Research
- Election Studies
- Advocacy Groups
- Citizen Surveys
- Litigation Research
  • NEW for advertising & PR Agencies
  • Cut your costs and time in half
  • Turnaround: one week
  • Turnkey: You focus on creative - we recruit and provide facilities

Mach-3 is our wireless system to identify and diagnose elements of intended messages that work and eliminate those which distract. The creative team controls the process.

Benefits & Applications

Concentrates respondent
attention on your copy

Pre-Production measurements

Second-by-second measure of
audience response to visual &
verbal message elements

Sorting message concepts

"Secret voting" prompts involvement
& minimizes "group think"

Stopping-power measurement

Large screen display

Web Site applications

Efficient-covers more
material in less time

Focus Group Applications


Includes operator,
set-up & tear down

Fun...dynamic & generates creative ideas!


Handles groups from 7 to 25 Creative team moderator
controls program pace
Wireless, easy to use Questions can be
Instant display of results Add exploratory questions
during the group
Second-by-second measure
of audience response
Service includes technician
Explores the "why" of
audience response

For information on this exclusive agency program, please call Jim Haynes, Tony Basche or Earl de Berge at (602) 258-4554.


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