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Years of concern about the practice of including “professional respondents” in focus group and panels, as well as the recent reprimand by the respected American Association for Public Opinion Research (AAPOR) of a polling firm for failing to disclose essential facts about its methods, call for a fresh look at validation procedures for polling and other research activities. This is particularly true of polling relating to elections.

Behavior Research Center (BRC) is proud of its strict adherence to the best practices code of the AAPOR, and we have for many years campaigned to make journalists in our region aware of the documentation they should look for when they receive polls.

BRC has created a new independent validation service so that research buyers can assess whether commissioned polls and focus groups have been completed to specifications. This independent audit gives you peace of mind and can help polling companies correct problems before survey results are presented.

The validation focuses on two critical issues: Confirmation that the respondent took the survey and confirmation of key objective questions such as age, gender, place of residence and length of the interview. Focus group audits focus on whether participants are "professional" respondents and ascertaining whether they were properly screened.

Building a validation audit into your job specifications is inexpensive and represents added value for you and your clients. It is the next logical step in the evolution of quality market research.

If validation is something you feel would help you assure the integrity of the political polling commissioned on behalf of your clients, please feel free to contact Jim Haynes at 602-258-4554 or at



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