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2000 Poll Results/Press Releases


2000-IV-13: Public Forecast: Traffic Planners Will Make No Gains On Congestion
2000-IV-12: Hello Alan Greenspan! Gyrations In 2000 Stock Market Hasn’t Unnerved Investors


2000-IV-09: Spanish TV Praised For Community Service, But Criticized For Sex And Violence
2000-IV-08: 4 In 10 Would Vote Via The Internet If They Could. Expanding Vote Options Portends Broad Participation In Future Elections
2000-IV-07: Western Wear Still Stylish With Four In Ten Arizonans


2000-IV-02: Public Takes Tough Stance Toward Hollywood And Violent Films Marketed To Kids
2000-IV-01: One Point Separates Bush And Gore In Arizona; Bush Supporters More Firmly Committed
2000-III-16: Four In Ten Companies Report Impacts From Growth In Hispanic Market


2000-III-13: Top Earners In Small Business Are Four To One Male


2000-III-07: Genome Map: One-Third Missed The Entire Story: Hopes For Medical Breakthroughs Tempered By Concerns About Possible Abuses
2000-III-06: Half Of Consumer E-Mail Addresses Are Owned By Only 19% Of E-Mail Users


2000-II-11: Professional Women’s Sports Attracts 55 Percent Of Adults As Fans


2000-I-10: Hispanics: “We’re Getting Ahead In The Face Of Discrimination”

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