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2014 Poll Results/Press Releases


2014-III-06: Arizona Consumer Confidence Edged Back In July; Concern About Business Conditions The Main Factor


2014-III-05: Race To The Bottom Being Won By Congress; Obama Ratings Slip Again
2014-III-04: Arizona GOP Governor’s Primary: 50 Percent Uncommitted; Christine Jones And Doug Ducey Somewhat Ahead
2014-III-03: John Huppenthal And Tom Horne Job Rating More Than Two To One Negative
2014-III-02: 34 Percent Of Registered Independents Plan To Vote In Primaries
2014-III-01: Arizonans Blame VA Scandal On Congress And VA Officials; Huge Per Cent Favor Criminal Trials For Those Responsible


2014-II-05: U.S. Senators McCain And Flake Job Ratings Still On Downslope
2014-II-04: 45% Believe Arizona Is Headed In The Wrong Direction; Governor And Legislature Given Low Marks
2014-II-03: The Public’s Key Issues: Public Education, Child Protection, Economic Development And Consumer Fraud Protection;
80% Think Legislature Must Do More To Represent Them
2014-II-02: Arizona Consumer Confidence Rises To Highest Level In Six Years
2014-II-01: President Obama Job Ratings Improve In Arizona


2014-I-07: President Obama And Congress Job Ratings Plummet In Arizona
2014-I-06: Governor Brewer Gains With Independents And Republicans; Slips With Democrats
2014-I-05: 51 Percent Favor Making Sale Of Marijuana Legal In Arizona
2014-I-04: Job Performance Ratings; Senator McCain Still In A Slump; Senator Flake Ratings Improve
2014-I-03: Consumer Confidence In Arizona Stable Optimism For Next Six Months Slightly Improved
2014-I-02: Arizona Governor Primaries: No Clear Leaders For Either Party
2014-I-01: Two-Thirds Of Independents May Vote In Arizona Primary Elections

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