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2004 Poll Results/Press Releases


2004-IV-06: Arizona Water Sources Thought Polluted; Majority Rate Maricopa Air As “Very Polluted;” Officials Get Low Marks On Pollution Control Efforts


2004-IV-05: Consumers Open Bank Accounts At Quick Clip
2004-IV-04: Bush Win In Arizona Preceded By Stable Positive Job Rating And Voter Appeal
2004-IV-03: Most Believe State Is Headed In “The Right Direction;” Napolitano Job Rating Stable
2004-IV-02: Six Of Ten Favor Preventing Developers From Building In Rural Areas That Lack Proven Water Supplies


2004-IV-01: Consumer Confidence Stable In Arizona


2004-III-18: Six In Ten Small Businesses Invest In Home Pages
2004-III-16: Among Latinos: Governor Napolitano Most Popular Of Elected Officials
2004-III-17: Bosses Say Women Boost Company Productivity And Are Moving Up In Key Decision-Making Roles
2004-III-15: Arizona Latinos Favor Kerry But More Are Uncommitted Neither Kerry Nor Bush Make Gains
2004-III-13: Small Business Import Activities Expanding – Export Business Looks Unchanged
2004-III-12: Valley Newcomers: Most Are From Western/Pacific States; Jobs & Cost Of Housing Are The Major Lures


2004-III-11: Bush Holds Five-Point Lead In Maricopa County 25 Percent Of Electorate Still In Play
2004-III-10: Arpaio Still The Man To Beat
2004-III-09: Business Confidence Slips Slightly – Remains Strong Compared To Past Two Years


2004-III-08: Senator McCain’s Ratings Soar In Arizona – Senator Kyl’s Ratings Rise As Well
2004-III-07: State Back On The “Right Track;” Napolitano, Goddard And Legislature Ratings Jump
2004-III-06: West Nile Virus Campaign Effective; 7 Of 10 Taking Preventative Measures
2004-III-05: Fahrenheit 9-11 Draws Variety Of Voters; Four In Ten May See It Before The Election
2004-III-04: Independent Voter Ranks May Be Drawing More From Republican Than Democrat Lists
2004-III-03: Arizona Consumer Confidence Index Jumps Eleven Points – Highest In 2½ Years
2004-III-02: Kerry Pledge on Immigration Reform May Have Backfired in Arizona
2004-III-01: Maricopa Community College 953 million Dollar Bond Proposal Faces Little Early Opposition


2004-II-07: Bush Job Ratings Subside Despite Better Readings On The Economy And Tax Policies


2004-II-06: Ranks Of Uncommitted Growing – Both Kerry And Bush Lose Ground
2004-II-05: G.W. Bush May Need McCain Coattails In Arizona McCain And Kyl Job Ratings Very Favorable
2004-II-04: Discontent With Tax Policies, Border Issues, Social Programs And Being Deaf To The Pulic Tied To Low Ratings For Legislature
2004-II-03: Napolitano Job Ratings Steady In Urban Areas, But Slip Sharply In Rural Arizona
2004-II-02: Arizona Consumer Confidence A Mixed Bag Due To Doubts About Jobs
2004-II-01: Bush Job Approval Ratings Sink To 45 Percent In Arizona; Kerry Closes To Within Four Points


2004-I-15: Latinos Not Wedded To Spanish Radio; Diversity In Language Skills Drives Use
2004-I-14: Bush Job Rating Plummets Among Latinos; McCain And Napolitano Ratings Very High


2004-I-13: Arizona Latinos Favor Kerry Over Bush 2 To 1; Huge Difference Found In Preferences Of Men And Women, Nader On Ballot Costs Kerry Dearly
2004-I-12: Recent Hiring Highest Since Third Quarter Of 2001; Planned Hiring Robust
2004-I-11: Business Confidence In Economy Spikes – Current Conditions Index Highest Since January 2001
2004-I-10: “Cell Phone Only” Usage Doubles
2004-I-09: Public In Maricopa Like Top Officials In Both Parties: Less Enthusiastic About Legislature And Its Leadership


2004-I-08: Bush-Cheney Ticket Slips To 48 Percent In Republican Maricopa County; Independent Voters Loom Large For Outcome
2004-I-07: Joe Arpaio Not Yet Facing “Electability” Problem


2004-I-06: McCain Job Ratings Improve; Kyl Numbers Soften To Lowest Since 2000
2004-I-05: Air Pollution Impacts On Arizona Families Easing In Rural Areas And Pima County
2004-I-04: Arizona: Polarization Deepens As Democrats Eschew Bush & Republicans Circle The Wagons
2004-I-03: Consumer Confidence In Arizona Edges Upward But Doubts About The Future Linger
2004-I-02: More Signs Of Consumer Optimism: Belief State Headed In “Right Direction” Grows & Job Ratings For Governor And Legislature Ascend
2004-I-01: Dean Leads In Arizona, But Clark Takes Lead Among Democrats Most Likely To Vote

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