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2002 Poll Results/Press Releases


2002-IV-19: Hispanics Widely Involved In Support Of Community Charities
2002-IV-18: Parental Guidance On Sexuality Neglected In Quarter Of Households With 9 To 17 Year Olds At Home
2002-IV-17: One-Third Plan New Investments In Computers Next Year
2002-IV-16: Hispanic Buying Power Of $17.5 Billion In Arizona Will Be Felt By Entertainment Industry


2002-IV-15: Hispanics Major Players In Video Market
2002-IV-14: Reducing U.S. Dependency On Foreign Oil: 35 MPG Requirements And Emerging Hydrogen Fuel Technology Seen As Important Strategies
2002-IV-13: Pessimism On Local Economy Deepens; National Outlook Even Gloomier
2002-IV-12: 62 Percent Favor Military Action Against Iraq; Nearly Half Fear World War If UN Does Not Back The U.S.
2002-IV-11: If Ever A Single Vote Counted, This Is It – Governor’s Race Tight And Tightening


2002-IV-10: Napolitano Holding On To Lead In Final Week
2002-IV-9: Consumers Plowing Money Into Their Homes; Cutting Back In Other Areas
2002-IV-8: Arizona “Off Track” – Highest Reading Since 1996
2002-IV-7: Napolitano Numbers Improve In Closing Weeks Of Campaign
2002-IV-6: Consumers Set Aside Personal Preferences, Side With Film Makers In Edit Dispute
2002-IV-5: See-Saw Governor’s Race: Lead Changes Again
2002-IV-4: Arizona Consumer Confidence Index Hits Lowest Level Since 1993
2002-IV-3: Christmas Shopping Likely To Be Off
2002-IV-2: Governor Hull: Radical Drop In Her Job Ratings
2002-IV-1: President Bush Rating Drops Again
2002-III-14: Undecided Voters Moving Toward Napolitano. Salmon Losing Ground, But Race Is Still Very Close
2002-III-13: Governor’s Race Very Tight: Salmon Has Edge Overall; Napolitano Leads Among Likely Voters; Independents May Determine Outcome


2002-III-11: Business Executives Cautiously Optimistic For Their Companies; Pessimism About General Business Conditions Deepens


2002-III-10: One-Quarter Of Independents Definitely Plan Primary Vote
2002-III-09: Most Aware Of West Nile Virus Threat Yet Uninformed Of Mosquito Control Methods
2002-III-08: Support For Salmon Slips: GOP Primary Tightens Napolitano In Dead Heat Against Either Bayless Or Salmon
2002-III-07: Fife Beats Ev For Last Place In The Hearts Of Arizonans; Barry, Wes, Carl And Mo Arizona’s Most Revered Past Politicians
2002-III-06: Views That Arizona Is “Seriously Off Track” May Be Subsiding


2002-III-05: “Under God” In Pledge Of Allegiance Supported But Not Required In Public Schools
2002-III-04: GOP Primaries For Attorney General And Secretary Of State
2002-III-03: Bush Ratings Off Ten Points In Arizona
2002-III-02: Primary Races For Governor: GOP Contest Still Volatile; Napolitano Has 4 To 1 Lead Among Dems; General Election Race Getting Tighter
2002-III-22: Consumer Confidence Drops In Arizona


2002-II-21: Gang Problems Decline In Latino Neighborhoods
2002-II-20: President Bush And Congressman Ed Pastor Get Top Billing From Arizona Hispanics
2002-II-19: Hispanics Concerned About Health Of Global Environment; Depletion Of Ozone Called “Very Serious” By 65 Percent
2002-II-18: Twenty-Seven Percent Of Arizona Hispanics Say State Is “Seriously Off Track”
2002-II-17: Consumer Confidence Index Points To Significant Pessimism Among Arizona Hispanics About Our Current Economic Climate
2002-II-16: Napolitano Leads, But Is Losing Ground Gained Earlier In Democrat Primary; Both Salmon And Bayless Gain In GOP Primary
2002-II-15: Anti-Smoking Campaigns Cut Smoking Among Hispanics In Half
2002-II-14: Education Needs Top List Of Voter Questions For Gubernatorial Candidates
2002-II-13: Air Pollution In Arizona Top Environmental Concern Among Hispanics: Water Pollution A Strong Second


2002-II-12: Gutierrez Makes Gains Against Napolitano; Now Has Slight Edge Among Latino Voters
2002-II-11: Public Favors Raising MPG Standard For Vehicles To Reduce Auto Pollution And U.S. Oil Consumption
2002-II-10: Six Of Ten Hispanics Upset With Church’s Handling Of Sexual Abuse Cases
2002-II-09: Arizonan’s Use Of Internet For Purchasing Doubles In Four Years; Internet Connections Triple


2002-II08: Thirty-Six Percent Say Arizona Is “Seriously Off Track” Highest Reading Since 1997
2002-II-07: Sixty-Four Percent Favor Hike In Cigarette Taxes; Resign-To-Run Law Supported By 65 Percent
2002-II-06: Bush Ratings Sag For First Time Below Father’s Peak Readings But Are Still Very Strong In Arizona; Negative Ratings On Governor Hull Continue To Swell
2002-II-05: Attorney General Primaries: Goddard Expands Lead In Democrat Field; GOP Primary Still Has No Leader
2002-II-04: Consumer Confidence Continues To Improve In Arizona
2002-II-03: Whopping 83 Percent Predict Diamondbacks Will Make It To The World Series Again
2002-II-02: Napolitano Keeps Building Lead; Uncommitted Ranks Swell In GOP Primary After Arpaio’s Exit
2002-II-01: Few Would Vote “Yes” Again On Stadium Tax Half Favor No Stadium Or Modernizing Sun Devil Stadium


2002-I-19: 68% Favor 20 More Years Of County Sales Tax For Transportation; Support Drops If Money Is Only For Freeways
2002-I-18: Eight In Ten Favor Continuing State Lottery
2002-I-17: 25 Percent May Drop Hard Wire Phone Service And Rely Only On Their Cell Phones
2002-I-16: Proposal To Create New East Valley County Greeted Cooly
2002-I-15: Budget Cuts No Easy Choice For Public Either
2002-I-14: Eight In Ten Say Employee Loyalty Is Stable Or Improving See Reverse Trend For Big Business
2002-I-13: Matt Salmon Closes Gap On Arpaio; Dems Close Ranks Around Napolitano; Napolitano Leads In General Election Tests
2002-I-12: Consumer Confidence In Phoenix Follows National Trend Falls In February


2002-I-11: Enron Ethics Not Shared By Arizona Business Executives
2002-I-10: Arizona: Lowest Percent Of Smokers In 18 Years Smoke Free Restaurants Preferred By Most
2002-I-09: 70 Percent Watching Women’s Sports; Most Popular Events Are Basketball & Tennis
2002-I-08: Support For Congressional Hearings On Gasoline Prices Still Strong, But Somewhat Subsided
2002-I-07: Bush Job Ratings Ten To One Favorable Ratings Slide For Hull
2002-I-06: Bush Vow To Shrink Government And Taxes Strongly Favored But Public Wants Tax Relief For Themselves;  Eight In Ten Support Prosecuting Corporate Wrong Doers For Financial Damages In Major Bankruptcy Cases


2002-I-05: Interruptions In Phone And Internet Services Surprisingly Widespread
2002-I-04: Consumer Confidence Edges Higher In Arizona
2002-I-03: Attorney General Primaries: Goddard Leads Democrat Field: Greene Leads GOP Contest
2002-I-02: GOP Primary: Matt Salmon No Longer Man To Beat; Is Second In Field Of Six & Faces Dead Heat In One-On-One With Bayless; Napolitano Leads Democrat Primary For Governor But Ranks Of Undecided Grow
2002-I-01: Public Not Amused By Qwest Strategy On Use Of Private Customer Information

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