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2013 Poll Results/Press Releases


2013-IV-03: Confidence In The Economy Staggers In Arizona
2013-IV-02: Football Concussions: Broad Awareness Exists Of Brain Injury Risks …Yet Most Would Let Their Child Play & Oppose Federal Intervention On Safety


2013-IV-01: Arizona: Half Say America On “Road To Ruin”; Only 13 % Plan To Support Incumbents


2013-III-08: Governor Jan Brewer Job Ratings Mixed And Unchanged
2013-III-07: Sheriff Joe Arpaio Job Ratings Turn Negative
2013-III-06: Senator John McCain Enjoys Modest Uptick In Voters’ Regard For His Performance
2013-III-05: Arizona Consumer Confidence Rising; Planned Durable Goods Buying Shows Healthy Spike
2013-III-04: First Impressions Of U.S. Senator Jeff Flake Remain Sour In Arizona


2013-III-03: By 5 To 3 Arizonans Favor Non-Profits That Contribute To Political Campaigns To Disclose Their Donors
2013-III-02: President Obama’s Favorable Job Ratings From Arizona Public Rise
2013-III-01: By More Than 2 TO 1, Arizonans Want Their Congressmen To Support The Senate Immigration Reform Measure


2013-II-09: Support For Enlisted Women Serving In Close Ground Combat Roles Approaches 70%
83% Want Stricter Enforcement Of Sex Crime Laws In The U.S. Armed Forces
2013-II-08: Arizona Views On Same-Sex Marriage And Marijuana Possession
2013-II-07: Obama Job Rating Still Negative In Arizona; Partisan Division Is Deeper, But Liberals Are Less Positive While Conservatives Less Negative; Congress Rating Very Low
2013-II-06: U.S. Senator Jeff Flake Off To Atypical Start With Voters; Negative Job Rating Outpaces Favorable
2013-II-05: Arizona Consumer Confidence Stable: Current Economy Rated Stronger Than Any Time Since 2008 But Concerns Linger About The Future


2013-II-04: Arizona: 37% Have Operational Guns In Their Homes. Mixed Views Toward National Rifle Association; Plurality Favor Stricter Laws On Sale Of Firearms
2013-II-03: For Illegal Immigrants Who Play By The Rules & Have No Criminal Record, Arizonans Favor Path To Citizenship And Work Program
2013-II-02: Senator McCain’s Support In Arizona Collapses; 67% Think It Is Time For A Senator With New Ideas And Interests
2013-II-01: Governor Brewer Popular With Republicans And Conservatives;
Losing Ground With Other Constituencies

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