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2001 Poll Results/Press Releases


2001-IV-15: Despite Fear Of Biological Attack Most Wait Before Seeking Inoculations
2001-IV-14: Flyers Not Concerned Their Civil Rights Are Being Compromised By Tightened Security
2001-IV-13: Consumers Gloomy About Length Of Recession; Most Turn Deaf Ear To Pleas They Spend More
2001-IV-12: Fan Base Of Arizona Diamondbacks Hits Historic High Driven By Growth Among Women And Hispanics
2001-IV-11: Governor’s Race: Napolitano Edges Toward 50 Percent, Salmon Leads, But Most GOP Voters Remain Uncommitted
2001-IV-10: Confidence In Valley Economy Posts Largest Gain In Seven Quarters; Public Foresees Recovery In Six Months; Most Feel Need To Spend Conservatively


2001-IV-09: Sizable Percentage Of Hispanic Renters Unhappy With Landlords (document not available)
2001-IV-08: By Mid-September, Six Of Ten Hispanics Had Not Received Tax Rebates
2001-IV-07: Arizona Diamondbacks Attract 37 Percent Of Hispanic Households As Ticket Buyers
2001-IV-06: Hispanics’ Respect For Presidents Bush And Fox Soars
2001-IV-05: Job Ratings For U.S. Senators John McCain And Jon Kyl, And For Governor Jane Hull Jump In Wake Of September 11th; Public Respect For Janet Napolitano Also Strong
2001-IV-04: More Terrorist Attacks Expected: Principal Targets Seen As Water Supplies, Government Facilities And Nuclear Plants
2001-IV-03: Primary Races For Governor: Napolitano Maintains Wide Lead Among Democrats 55% Of Republicans Take Wait And See Stance


2001-IV-02: Bush Ratings Soar For War/Terrorist Policies; Public More Hesitant On Domestic Issues
2001-IV-01: Consumer Confidence In Arizona Falls To 95.1: Lowest Rate Since 1994


2001-III-21: Business Community Evaluates President Bush In 14 Areas Of Public Policy
SPUSA 09-03-01: Professional Sports Fans: “We’re Getting Priced Out Of The Stadiums,” 31 Percent Will Buy Fewer Tickets; Half No Longer Identify With Teams Or Players (document not available)
2001-III-20: One Of Ten Adults Here Reports Being Robbed By Someone Wielding A Weapon


2001III-19: One In Seven Struck By Lightning; Lightning May Improve Spiritual Contact Or Spiritualists May Be More Prone To Lightning
2001-III-18: Human Cloning: “Unethical” But Plurality Favor U.S. Taking Scientific Lead; Only One-Third Favor Feds Outlawing Cloning
2001-III-17: Fearing Cancer, One In Five Has Had Skin Lesion Removed
2001-III-16: Confidence In Valley Economy Posts First Gain In Three Quarters; Tax Rebate In Hands Of Many — Saving And Paying Old Bills Take Top Priority
2001-III-14: Governor’s Race: Rivals Falling Behind Napolitano; Arpaio More Than Just A Pretty Face
2001-III-13: Death Penalty & Marijuana Issues Divisive; Banning Abortion Opposed By Most
2001-III-12: Citizenship Request For Tohono O’Odham Supported By Public
2001-III-11: Huge Gap In Views About Recruiting High School Athletes Into Professional Sports
2001-III-10: Banning Cell Phone Use By Drivers Favored Two To One


2001-III-09: Racing Industry May Want To Hedge Their Bets
2001-III-08: Tax On Polluting Companies Favored In Arizona
2001-III-07: Arizonans Top Californians In Rating Home State As One Of The Best Places To Live
2001-III-06: Mexico President Vicente Fox’s Job Ratings Drop In Arizona: Slippage Among Hispanics And Women Most Noticeable
2001-III-05: George W. Bush Job Ratings Drop In Arizona
2001-III-04: Consumer Confidence In Arizona Rebounds For First Time This Year Pessimism In Tucson Dampens Overall Figures
2001-III-03: McCain Popularity Slips In Arizona, But He Is Still Top Dog; Recall Petition Drive Unlikely To Succeed
2001-III-02: Independent in Governor’s Race Could Play a Major Role – 40 Percent Would Consider Voting for Mahoney
2001-III-01: Napolitano Strong Statewide; Over Half of Republicans Uncommitted In GOP Primary; Bayless Showing New Strength


2001-II-15: Windfall Goes Mostly For Necessities (document not available)
2001-II-14: Baseball Soccer And Low Riders Attract Hispanic Fans Of All Ages (document not available)
2001-II-13: President Vicente Fox: High Marks For Improving U.S./Mexico Relations And Human Rights Efforts (document not available)
2001-II-12: Hispanics Evaluate Performance Of Elected Officials (document not available)
2001-II-11: Support Found For Health Coverage Of Gay Employees Grows


2001-II-10: Most Foresee Stock Market Rise
2001-II-09: Cloudy Attendance Forecast For Professional Sports In Valley
2001-II-07: Twelve Percent Of Employees Concerned Their Job May Be Eliminated In The Coming Six Months
2001-II-06: Most Believe Energy Shortages Are Corporate Tactics To Force Prices Up (document not available)
2001-II-05: Use Of Internet For News Common In Half Of Arizona Households
2001-II-04: Decline In Hull Job Rating Stops, Esteem For Legislature Rising
2001-II-03: President Bush Liked In Arizona
2001-II-02: Mexico President Vicente Fox Well Regarded In Arizona


2001-II-01: Consumer Confidence Sinks Again In Arizona (document not available)


2001-I-14: Cell Phone Use Hits 60% In Maricopa
2001-I-13: Consumer Blues Growing In Valley
2001-I-12: Legislature Thought Too Cozy With Developers and Big Business… While Ignoring Mental Health Public Education and Small Business


2001-I-11: Terrorism: Three In Ten Say Biological & Chemical Attacks Likely In Near Term (document not available)
2001-I-10: President Fox’s Pitch For More US Economic Development Aid Supported In Arizona
2001-I-09: Governor’s Race: Salmon And Woods Early GOP Favorites; Democrats Like Napolitano And Goddard
2001-I-08: Rural Folk Worry About Future Of Economy And Their Environment: City Folk Focus On Transportation
2001-I-07: Light Rail Terminal at Sky Harbor Has Strong Appeal
2001-I-06: President Bill Clinton Job Ratings Hit Eight-Year Peak at Term’s End
2001-I-05: Public Approval For Governor Hull and Legislature Slide in Wake of Alt-Fuels Scandal


2001-I-04: Touch-Screen Voting Option Very Popular With Public
2001-I-03: Air Pollution Complaints Drop Across Arizona, Yet Half Are Still Experiencing Problems
2001-I-02: Consumer Confidence Sinks In Arizona
2001-I-01:Bush Concerns About Economy Having Major Impact In Arizona (document not available)


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