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2016 Poll Results/Press Releases


2016-IV-02: More Good News: Arizona Consumer Confidence Surges for 2nd Consecutive Quarter
2016-IV-01: Public Policy Priorities Among Arizonans On 23 Issues


2016-III-02: Good News: Arizona Consumer Confidence Reaches Highest Level Since July 2007


2016-III-01: U.S. Senate Race: Uncommitted Voter Ranks Jump Dramatically Both McCain And Kirkpatrick Lose Ground


2016-II-06: Obama Job Ratings Improve Again In Arizona
2016-II-05: Consumer Confidence Dips Slightly in Arizona
2016-II-04: Is Arizona Becoming A “Swing State”?; Bernie Sanders Leads All Three GOP Candidates; Hillary Clinton Beats Trump But Loses To Cruz And Kasich
2016-II-03: Arizonans: Governor Doug Ducey Job Ratings Low: 41 Percent Say Arizona Is On The Wrong Track
2016-II-02: Unimpressive Job Rating For U.S. Senators John McCain And Jeff Flake
2016-II-01: U.S. Senate Race In Arizona: Ann Kirkpatrick In Dead Heat With John McCain


2016-I-03: Consumer Confidence In The Economy Stable And Modestly Improved
2016-I-02: Four In Ten Believe Elections Are “Rigged” In Favor Of The Big Donors; Huge Majorities Favor Election Finance Reforms
2016-I-01: McCain Widens His Primary Lead Among GOP Voters – Democrat Ann Kirkpatrick Tied With McCain

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