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2009 Poll Results/Press Releases


2009-III-04: Mountains Of Toxic Electronic Waste In Arizona Homes; Only 18% Would Dispose Of Them At Special Recycling Centers
2009-III-03: Arizona Voters Evaluate Job Performance Of President Obama And U.S. Senators McCain And Kyl
2009-III-02: Consumer Confidence Improves In Arizona: Optimism Rises That Economy Will Improve Over Its Current Dismal State
2009-III-01: Governor Brewer Job Ratings Dip Further; Erosion Among Independents And Republicans


2009-II-04: Public Says Governor And Legislature Doing “Too Little” About Energy Technology Initiatives And Protecting Consumers From High Energy Costs
2009-II-03: Public To Legislature: More Budget Cuts Needed Do More To Stimulate The Economy & Protect Consumers
2009-II-02: Governor Brewer Off To A Rough Start Public Regard For Legislature Even Worse
2009-II-01: Barack Obama Performance Ratings Favorable In Maricopa County


2009-I-03: Taxpayers To Obama: Its Jobs And The Economy!
2009-I-02: Taxpayers Top Priorities For State Government: Job Creation & Public Education; Did Legislature Cut What Public Wanted
2009-I-01: Arizona Consumer Confidence At Historic Low 86 Percent Pessimistic About Jobs

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