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2007 Poll Results/Press Releases


2007-V-01: Maricopa County Residents Say Politicians Are Race Baiting On Immigration
2007-IV-13: Sheriff Joe Arpaio Still Popular… But Appears To Have Peaked; County Attorney Ratings Slip


2007-IV-12: Terry Goddard Beats Andrew Thomas In Test Election For Governor
2007-IV-11: Views On Police Enforcement Of Immigration Laws Not So Simple
2007-IV-10: President Bush Ratings Hit Historic Low In Arizona
2007-IV-09: Napolitano Popularity Unwavering
2007-IV-08: Giuliani Edges McCain In Arizona; Clinton Far Ahead; Early Look At Independent Preferences
2007-IV-07: After Summer Slump – McCain Regains Ground; Senator Kyl Ratings Fall Again
2007-IV-06: Arizona Employer Sanctions Law Divides Public Most Call It A “Bad Idea” If Some Americans Also Lose Jobs


2007-I-01L: Hillary Clinton Top Choice Among Arizona Latinos
2007-IV-05: Concerns About Environment Beginning To Color Public Views Of Office Holders: Democrats Have An Edge In Arizona


2007-IV-04: Four In Ten Support Higher Gas Taxes If Money Is Dedicated For Renewable Energy Research
2007-IV-03: Napolitano Most Popular Statewide Office-Holder
2007-IV-02: Consumer Confidence Dips In Arizona
2007-IV-01: McCain’s Ratings Plunge; Kyl’s Drop


2007-III-05: Environment Challenges Immigration As Top Issue In Arizona
2007-III-04: Global Warming Alarms Arizonans: Majorities Now Oppose Promoting Population Growth & Want Government Action At State And Local Level To Reduce Greenhouse Gasses
2007-III-03: Governor Janet Napolitano
2007-III-02: Presidential Race: Democrat Hopefuls Close The Gap On McCain In Arizona
2007-III-01: Dems: Obama Closes To Within Four Points Of Clinton; GOP: Giuliani Drops Back After March Surge


2007-II-03: Job Performance Ratings: Napolitano Sails High While Legislature Springs A Leak; Bush And McCain Slip While Kyl Recovers After The Bruising 2006 Election
2007-II-02: Democratic Party: Obama Closes Gap On Clinton
However, Most Favor GOP Candidates In General Election Tests
2007-II-01: Rudy Guiliani Closes In On John McCain In Arizona


2007-I-04: Governor Napolitano Surpasses Senator McCain In Popularity – Kyl Close On McCain’s Heals
President Bush Hits Historic Low In Popularity


2007-I-03: Uncertainty About The Job Market In Arizona Puts Consumer Confidence In The Doldrums
2007-I-02: McCain Bests Hillary Clinton And Barack Obama In Arizona – But Against Mitt Romney, Both Democrats Prove Arizona Could Be A Swing State In ’08
2007-I-01: John McCain – Hillary Clinton Still Lead In Arizona – But Both Lack Majority Support Among Rank And File Voters

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