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2003 Poll Results/Press Releases


2003-IV-10: Eight In Ten Believe God Exists…Period


2003-IV-09: Bush Job Approval Off 24 Points Since April In Maricopa County; Low Ratings On Environmental, Economic Policies & World Opinion Towards U.S.
2003-III-18: Latinos – Not So Traditional; Women And Youth Lead The Way
2003-III-17: Role Models To Arizona Latinos: It’s All In The Family
2003-IV-08: Quarter Of Working Age Families Are Job Hunting; 16 Percent Lack Medical Insurance


2003-IV-07: Belief State Headed In Right Direction Is Holding Steady
2003-III-16: Family History Of Cancer Registers 40 Percent Among Hispanics; Diabetes Incidence Approaches 60 Percent
2003-IV-06: Bush Job Ratings Decline Again In Arizona; McCain And Kyl Also Affected
2003-IV-05: Janet Napolitano And Legislature Job Ratings Slip
2003-IV-04: Consumer Condfidence Index In Arizona Closes Year On Positive Note
2003-IV-03: Child Welfare Agency Given Thumbs Down: Corporation Commission Draws Mixed Reviews
2003-III-15: Latinos: President Bush’s Popularity Drops Sharply; McCain, Napolitano Enjoy Strong Job Ratings
2003-IV-02: Bush Carrying Arizona In ’04 No Guarantee
2003-IV-01: Howard Dean And Wesley Clark Hold Lead In Arizona After Democratic Debate
2003-III-14: Small Business Ownership Reported By 17 Percent Of Latinos; Strongly Tied To Prosperity And Language Skills
2003-III-13: Democrat Latino Voters In Arizona Favor Wesley Clark, Howard Dean And Joe Lieberman Close Behind


2003-III-12: Catholic Allegiance Declining Among Hispanics In Key Population Subgroups


2003-III-11: Statewide Smoking Ban Widely Supported – But Not For All Public Places
2003-III-10: Richard Romley And Joe Arpaio Very Popular In Maricopa County
2003-III-09: Tax Incentive For Small Business Comes A Cropper
2003-III-08: Businesses List Ways For Governor To Help Stimulate The Economy
2003-III-07: Business Confidence In Economy Reverses Downslide For First Time Since January 2000


2003-III-06: Upbeat Mood On Direction Of State Holding Steady
2003-III-05: Senators McCain And Kyl Drawing Strong Approval From Arizona Voters
2003-III-04: Hoped For Rise In Consumer Confidence Fails To Materialize In Arizona
2003-III-03: Governor Napolitano’s Job Rating Rises; Legislature’s Job Ratings Unchanged
2003-III-02: Lieberman And Kerry Top Choice Among Arizona Democrats
2003-III-01: Bush Ratings Tumble; Re-election Support Shrinks


2003-II-09: “Strike Everything” Amendment Reform Appeals To Public
2003-II-08: No Stampede Yet Away From Hard-Wire Phones, But Pressure Growing
2003-II-07: Consumer Confidence Continues Edging Upward In Phoenix Area
2003-II-06: Noise Pollution In Arizona Affects Half Of Population; Loudest Complaints In Maricopa County; Most Annoying: Boom Boxes, Cars, Helicopters & Barking Dogs
2003-II-05: Iraq War More Likely To Have Made New Friends Than Tore Old Friendships Apart
2003-II-04: Major Surge In Public Belief Arizona Is Headed In The “Right Direction”


2003-II-03: Janet Napolitano Job Ratings Five-To-One Favorable; State Legislature Regaining Some Stature With Public
2003-II-02: Bush And McCain Job Ratings Soar In April
2003-II-01: Consumer Confidence Edges Higher In Arizona


2003-I-14: Gloomy Mood About Valley Economy Unchanged
2003-I-13: Public Supports Water Conservation Enforcement
2003-I-12: 24% Of Families Report Job Losses In Family
2003-I-11: McCain A Near Cinch For Re-Election
2003-I-10: Business Community Confidence In Economy Plummets Ten Points In Arizona


2003-I-09: Hispanic Home Ownership Down; Restructuring Mortgage Debt Being Weighed By 20 Percent
2003-I-08: Array Of Environmental Issues Appear Poised To Affect Arizona Politics: Water And Air Pollution Top The List
2003-I-07: Air Pollution Affects 49 Percent Of Public — Breathing Problems Increase
2003-I-06: Allergy Pain Sufferers Common Among Hispanics — One-Third Of Families Are Uninsured
2003-I-05: Another Dimension Of Public Confidence Emerges; “Right Track” Readings Advance
2003-I-04: Raising Taxes To Address Budget Crisis Not Ruled Out By Voters; More Belt Tightening Expected
2003-I-03: Bush Ratings Stable In Arizona; McCain Popularity Still High
2003-I-02: Public Unimpressed With Legislature: Views Toward Governor Hull Soften In Final Hours
2003-I-01: Consumer Confidence Stops Its Fall-Optimism For 2003 Rises Modestly In Arizona

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