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2012 Poll Results/Press Releases


2012-III-02: Arizona Consumer Confidence In The Economy Edges Upward
2012-III-01: Obama Pulls Even With Romney In Arizona; Flake And Carmona Senate Race Very Tight


2012-II-04: Job Ratings For Governor And Legislature Slip Again; Republicans Applaud Brewer But Not Legislature; Democrats And Independents Cool Toward Both


2012-II-03: Consumer Confidence Stable In Arizona; Assessment Of Current Conditions Rising – Six Month Outlook Les Optimistic
2012-II-02: Obama Job Rating Three Times Higher Than Congress
2012-II-01: Obama And Romney Neck And Neck In Arizona Independents, Hispanics And Moderates Swing Toward Obama


2012-I-07: Sheriffs Across Arizona Better Respected By Voters
2012-I-06: Confidence In Arizona’s Two U.S. Senators Improves Slightly, But Is Still Below Past Levels As Voters Remain Unhappy With Congress
2012-I-05: Governor Brewer And State Legislature Job Ratings Improve But Remain Mixed
2012-I-04: Arizona: 53 % Rate Congress As Doing A “Poor” Job Obama Ratings Better Than Congress , But Eroding
2012-I-03: Negative Opinion Toward Tea Party And Occupy Wall Street Deepens
2012-I-02: Consumer Confidence In Arizona Rises For Third Straight Quarter & Is At Highest Level Since May 2008
2012-I-01: Mitt Romney Far Ahead Of Rivals And Is Only Republican That Out Polls Obama In Arizona

2012 Straw Poll Releases


2012-I-03S: Public Supports Death Penalty In Murder Cases
2012-I-02S: Wealth Gap Seen As Widening; Rubberized Freeways Rated As Effective In Noise Control; 40 Percent Use Hospital Emergency Rooms


2012-I-01S: Guns On Campus; Public Strongly Opposes Making Guns On Campus Legal

July 2011

2011-I-01S: Pot Smokers, Puzzle Players and Head Colds

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